• Highly reliable power supplies, discrete
    semiconductor components and modules.
Russian Research and Production Enterprise "Arbelos"

“Arbelos” Research and Production Enterprise specializes in the development of highly reliable power supplies, discrete semiconductor components and modules.

“Arbelos” RPE has a Team of talented power electronics developers, highly skilled technicians with a wide experience in the field of high frequency/ultra-high frequency and converter equipment manufacturing, as well as qualified staff, ensuring high quality of manufactured products.

Key competence of the company:

  • Development and production of sealed DC/DC-converters for mission-critical applications;
  • Development and production of high-energy power supplies for avionics;
  • Development and production of power supplies and high frequency/ultra-high frequency modules;
  • Production of discrete power components in ceramic packages;
  • Production of high frequency/ultra-high frequency transistors;
  • Development and testing of power electronics devices and their components.

Advantages of Arbelos products:

  • Proprietary design and manufacturing;
  • Highest quality standards;
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies;
  • Individual approach to customers’ needs

“Arbelos” Research and Production Enterprise – a Russian developer and manufacturer is ready to become your reliable business partner in implementing joint projects.